Training Courses

Would you like to learn more about photography?

Good news! The Covid-19 rules have been relaxed to the extent we can once again run a number of the photo training courses. Social distancing requirements may mean the numbers attending will be reduced and currently face masks may be required to be worn, for everyone’s safety. 

Photo training courses are available for both newcomers to photography and the more experienced photographers. They are held in or around the Peterborough and Grantham areas. In addition, the ‘Photous Academy Club’ is also available to attendees of my training courses, please see the ‘Academy Club’ section above for more exciting details.

There are now Eight types of photo training course available, plus a weekend of ‘Photous Exploring Photography’ course, and an ‘Advanced 3’ course – see below.

Each regular course will involve the attendee participating in a variety of creative and fun activities to increase the learning experience. Five of the courses are spread over four weekly sessions and consist of a 2.5 or 3-hour hands-on training session. Plus, two of the courses are a full one-day programme, specifically designed for people who either want to photograph weddings or who seek to utilise the video functions on their camera – see below. Light refreshments and hand-outs are also supplied on each course.

I am very pleased to confirm my new Photography training & development book is now available: ‘Taking Control Of Your Digital Photography‘. This book can take you from beginner to Pro in 28 easy-to-follow sessions. It covers many of the sessions included within my photo training courses and can really supplement your knowledge and skills in the future, and at your own pace. It does not matter which make or model of camera you use, providing you can make adjustments to the exposure settings, my book will help you to take control of your images. For just £16.99 (plus £2.50 p&p) it can be delivered to your door in UK. To order your copy of this superb book please see more…


Introduction to Digital Cameras
Ideal for digital camera users who want to understand what all the buttons & dials mean and take their camera off the ‘auto’ setting and achieve better photographs.

This course is ideal for those people satisfied they have grasped the basics and now seek to improve and extend their photography skills & ability.

Advanced Courses 1, 2 & 3
These courses are more intense and are specifically designed for individuals who have grasped the key fundamentals of their camera and now want to further extend their range of skills and practical experiences.

Wedding Photography Skills – One-day course
This course has been especially designed to assist individuals either thinking of photographing a wedding for a friend or family member, or seeking a career move!

Video Production with Digital Cameras!
Following the successful launch of a new one-day training course specifically designed for utilising the ‘video’ functions available within most digital cameras, another course has been scheduled.

Weekend Photo Training Courses – ‘Photous Exploring Photography’
In addition to the regular training courses held at my studios in Farcet I also now offer a small group of enthusiastic photographers to join me on a weekend of photography away from the Peterborough area and the next scheduled one will be held in the Summer 2022 in Suffolk. Please contact me for more details.

Finally, I also provide specific and focused one-on-one training sessions for people who either can’t make the latest courses but still require help or even more intense training! Please contact me to arrange your sessions.